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Trusts spend over £100m covering doctor shortage

Local health trusts have spent over £100m in the past four years covering the shortage of doctors in hospitals.

A report by the Northern Ireland Audit office into the use of locum doctors says annual savings of up to £5m could be made if the system was managed better.

They are in demand due to changes to immigration law and European legislation on working hours.

Hospital managers have said that sometimes they have no other choice but to turn to agency cover to ensure patients are managed safely. Such practice is, however, landing the health service with an excessive bill.

According to the NIAO, more than £100m was paid out to locums in the past four years in order to fill gaps in hospital rotas.

Last year alone, £22.5m was spent – 8% of the total spend on medical staff.

The Western and Northern Health Trusts are singled out for their spends which are 11% and 17% respectively.

Read more at BBC Health.

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