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Surgeons are ​putting patients’ lives in danger ​due to “culture of bullying”, report finds

Trainee surgeons are being assaulted during operations for raising safety concerns as part of an ‘endemic culture of bullying’ that causes patient deaths, the professions leadership has warned.

The Royal College of Surgeons Edinburgh (RSCE), which represents members across the UK, said a “visceral” atmosphere of fear among younger surgeons is leading to failures in concentration that directly harms patients.

In a new report, the college also warns the profession’s “macho” attitude makes it difficult to challenge bad practice, a culture which enabled disgraced breast surgeon Ian Paterson to mutilate victims unchecked for two decades.

It follows research published in June which found that one in six trainee surgeons are suffering from battlefield-type Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Read more in The Telegraph.

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