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SAS doctors aren’t applying for training funds

Staff and associate specialists risk losing millions of pounds in government money for their professional development because they are not applying for the funds.

Tens of thousands of pounds lie unclaimed in the Oxford Deanery alone because only around 20 out of nearly 500 SAS doctors have so far applied for the funding. Individual doctors could use the funds to support activities such as research, audit, management and clinical leadership.

Although the deanery is using part of its £250,000 allocation for group activities, such as development days, its associate dean for SAS doctors and international medical graduates John Lourie wants more SAS doctors to come forward with individual requests.

“We haven’t had as many applications from individual SAS doctors as we would like,” he said at the inaugural joint royal colleges conference for SAS doctors in London last week.

At Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust there has been an even lower uptake. None of its 90 or so SAS doctors have applied for funding for external courses.

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One Response to “SAS doctors aren’t applying for training funds”

  1. WS says:

    the reason why I have sofar not been successful in registering for the Training fund is that the web site (at least here at the West Midlands Deanery) is far too complicated and misleading. It sounds like a job application – (I think it might be using IT originally designed for this purpuse) and I have tried on a number of occasions to register, sofar without success. A good example of an organisational cock up….

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