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“Professions must be open to all backgrounds”

Professions such as law, journalism and medicine must do more to widen their intake, David Cameron’s social mobility adviser will say.

Ex-Labour minister Alan Milburn calls for a “bigger drive” to open careers to young people from poorer backgrounds.

In a report out later Mr Milburn says internship schemes are a “lottery” and no profession has “cracked” widening recruitment.

Economic difficulties meant the issue risked being “sidelined”, he will say.

This came amid concerns that entrants to the professions were coming from an increasingly narrow social group. The report being published today suggests much work is needed to increase young working-class people’s access to the professions.

Medicine lacked a “sense of the sort of galvanised effort” to improve access to young people from different backgrounds, the report will say.

Read more in BBC Health.

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One Response to ““Professions must be open to all backgrounds””

  1. Laura says:

    Bring back Grammar Schools – they gave the bright but poor a chance to succeed and use their potential. However, that is not what Alan Milburn and the like want – they do not want an equal playing field, they want guaranteed success for their clientele.

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