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Priority groups for swine flu vaccination revealed

Doctors will be vaccinated first in the Government’s swine flu vaccination campaign, followed by pregnant women, young children and adults with chronic illnesses.

Pulse has learned from a senior Government adviser that a provisional ‘pecking order’ has been drawn up for vaccination. Everyone in the UK will be vaccinated eventually, but priority is set to be given in the following order: Healthcare professionals; pregnant women; all children under five; adults aged under 65 with a chronic illness; young people aged under 18; and then all other patients not in the categories above.

The source said: “The priorities for vaccination are a big priority for the Department of Health and looks like it may be more prevalent come the winter. Even if only a small number of people develop complications that is still going to be a huge number of people if the proportions are as high as the 30% the Government is planning for.

“It’s almost certain that GPs and healthcare professionals will be vaccinated first, because you’ve got to keep your workforce going.”

Read more at Pulse.

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