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NICE withdraws backing for ‘beneficial’ asthma drug

The UK’s drug watchdog is set to revoke its approval of a treatment for severe asthma after a fresh review of the evidence, prompting strong criticism from GPs and charities.

Omalizumab had been approved by NICE to treat severe, persistent allergic asthma in adults in 2007, although it was rejected for use in children.

But now NICE has withdrawn its recommendation in updated draft guidance, saying the drug is “not as clinically or cost-effective as was first thought”.

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One Response to “NICE withdraws backing for ‘beneficial’ asthma drug”

  1. Malcolm Morrison says:

    Before they stuck the ‘H’ in the title, NICE was introduced as the “National Institute for Clinical Excellence”; it was supposed to give advice about the CLINICAL effeciveness of drugs (or other treatments). It soon became clear that it was a ‘management tool’ and should be called the ‘National Institute for COST EFFECTIVENESS’!

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