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NHS maternity lapses lead to mistakes in one in every five births

Tens of thousands of mothers and babies in England were harmed by potential lapses in maternity care in the past two years, the BBC has learned.

More than 276,000 incidents were logged by worried hospital staff between April 2015 and March 2017 – the equivalent of one mistake for every five births.

Most were minor or near misses, but almost a quarter of the incidents led to the mother or baby being harmed – and in 288 cases there was a death.

Ministers said safety must be improved.

Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt told the BBC the figures were “shocking” and improving the way mothers and babies were cared for was a “top priority”.

Read more at BBC Health.

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One Response to “NHS maternity lapses lead to mistakes in one in every five births”

  1. danmac says:

    This is a shocking statistic. What proportion are caused by midwives? What proportion doctors? Interteam working in this area has been appalling since time began. The ludicrous point scoring and one-upmanship between the two groups has resulted in serious morbidity and mortality on a huge scale. This area also suffers with endemic ritual bullying, endemic amongst midwives.

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