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Leaked report into cataract surgery revealed

Eye operations carried out by a private company on behalf of an NHS hospital appeared “rushed” and surgeons were allowed to press on even after patients reported serious complications, a confidential report reveals.

The report, which NHS health bosses still refuse to publish, says some patients who underwent what should have been routine cataract operations suffered burns and loss of iris pigment. Others were left with microscopic metallic fragments in the eye and some had to have further surgery because cataract fragments remained.

Of the 62 patients treated by private provider Vanguard Healthcare Solutions for Musgrove Park Hospital in Somerset, only 25 had “normal” recoveries. Some patients said they felt the procedures were hurried, complained of pain during the procedures and claimed they were shouted at by medical staff. The complications reported were ten times the number that might have been expected.

Read more in The Guardian.

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