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Hospitals can save £420,000 a year on breakfasts, minister tells NHS

The government is calling on the NHS to reduce the amount of money it spends on food and drink, saying it could save £420,000 a year on breakfast products alone.

The government claims that, if hospital trusts got better deals on breakfast items, they could cut their bills by a third without compromising on the quality of food or drink being served. It says that some hospitals are paying inflated prices to suppliers for breakfast items such as tea, coffee, baked beans and juice.

Some trusts buy their food and drink individually and could be paying 40% more for tea or coffee than a neighbouring trust, with new data showing that the NHS buys enough tea to fill 60 million cups a year.

Stephen Hammond, minister for health, said: “The NHS serves up thousands of delicious breakfasts every day – but pays wildly different amounts for simple things like beans, tea and jam.

“By signing up to this deal [The Breakfast Savings Initiative], hospitals could save thousands of pounds every year that can help us improve services through our NHS long-term plan.”

Read more in The Guardian.

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