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Health unions condemn “disgraceful” £410,000 payoff to NHS executive

Health unions have reacted with fury to the handing of a £410,000 payoff to a senior NHS executive and close adviser to the health secretary, Jeremy Hunt.

David Flory announced in March he was standing down as chief executive of the NHS Trust Development Authority (TDA), an arm of the health department that oversees NHS trusts, which has since merged with Monitor, another NHS regulator, to form NHS Improvement.

The authority’s annual accounts show Flory was given a “termination payment” of between £410,000 and £415,000 in addition to his £235,000 salary. The revelation could prove incendiary coming at a time that the government is locked in a dispute with junior doctors over pay and conditions.

Unite described the golden goodbye as a “disgrace” as it comes at time when most trusts are running a deficit. GMB said the payment was “extortionate”.

Flory had served for more than 20 years at board level in the NHS and was part of Hunt’s inner circle accused of micromanaging the NHS. Hunt paid a glowing tribute to Flory when he stood down. “I have immensely valued David’s wise counsel, advice and judgment”, the health secretary said earlier this year.

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One Response to “Health unions condemn “disgraceful” £410,000 payoff to NHS executive”

  1. radman96 says:

    So what exactly is a ‘termination payment’? Was he dismissed/ made redundant and this is therefore payment in lieu of notice although that would not normally be expected to be multiples of annual salary or is this a lump sum as part of the retirement package? if neither and he has simply resigned then on what basis has this huge payment been lawfully made? Can we have sight of the contract which allows it? Can we all have one like it? Why should I try and find 5% CIP when this is going on?

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