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Global swine flu pandemic is over, WHO says

The global swine flu pandemic is now over, the WHO has said, though some groups remain at risk of severe illness from the virus.

Following a meeting of its emergency committee, the WHO announced that the world was now in a ‘post-pandemic period’.

“The world is no longer in phase 6 of influenza pandemic alert,” WHO Director-General Dr Margaret Chan said. “We are now moving into the post-pandemic period. The new H1N1 virus has largely run its course.”

The WHO said that a number of groups remain at increased risk of severe illness from the pandemic H1N1 virus. These include young children, pregnant women, and people with underlying respiratory or other chronic conditions, including asthma and diabetes.

Patients who have severe or deteriorating influenza should be treated as soon as possible with oseltamivir, the WHO said.

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