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Dossier reveals ‘petty tortures’ of NHS trainee doctors denied leave

Trainee doctors have been denied leave despite experiencing stillbirth or having a child or partner in intensive care, a dossier of young medics’ “brutal” treatment by the NHS reveals.

Hospitals have refused to let trainees take time off for their weddings and told them to use holiday entitlement rather than compassionate leave to attend funerals of relatives.

One junior doctor’s medic husband was told by his trust that it would only grant him compassionate leave to spend time with his wife, who had just had a miscarriage, if she had died. Another had to work despite having been injured in a road traffic accident on her way in that led to her car being written off.

Others have been denied paternity leave because their hospital was too short-staffed, had to work when ill, and been told to produce marriage or death certificates in order to get leave.

Read more in The Guardian.

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