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Capita’s cervical cancer screening blunder hits 50,000 NHS patients

Almost 50,000 women have not received information on cervical cancer screening after the NHS contractor Capita failed to send out letters.

The problem, which occurred between January and June, affected 43,200 women who were supposed to receive an invitation or a reminder but received only one of the two, and also led to the delays of 4,508 results letters, the company said.

Capita said only a small proportion of the results required further examination, and the affected patients should all have been contacted directly by their GP.

The BMA said it was the latest in a series of blunders by Capita, which is contracted to provide GP back-office services. The BMA has written to the NHS England chief executive, Simon Stevens, urging him to strip the company of the contract and take the services back in-house.

Read more in The Guardian.

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