Sarah Burnett-Moore

We’re now being governed by Cleggons

We are now being governed by Cleggons. It just goes to show that the rest of the electorate was just as confused as I. When I went to cast my vote, I was intrigued by the fact that the parliamentary voting paper was yellow, and the local one blue, was that some sort of subliminal message? 

Then I woke up on Friday morning, and bingo! Sod all has changed. After the 1997 Blair landslide, I was driving home at around 4am, and it was the most beautiful dawn I had seen over London for years. Last Friday, London was still cold and grey. Until Tuesday the most entertaining political coverage was provided by the Adam Boulton meltdown at Alastair Campbell. 

If you haven’t seen it, find it on You-Tube, and for you ‘Thick of It’ fans, there is one split second where Ali looks EXACTLY like Malcolm Tucker.

 Then on Tuesday, after much to-ing and fro-ing, something remarkable happened. Cameron and Clegg sorted out the pre-nuptial, and hopped into bed together (BTW Rory Bremner’s stuffed isn’t he, how is he going to distinguish between the two? Maybe he will impersonate them simultaneously). They then kicked Gordon out from under the duvet.  Was it just me who felt irrationally emotional at his leaving speech? Sarah looked relieved that she was no longer having to watch her husband crumble before her eyes. Gordy and family head off so say tutty bye to the Queen, then back to HQ to thank Peter Mandelson, who reportedly held the firing gun to his head. Mandelson in turn, wished Dave and Nick good luck.

As Cameron was heading to Buck House, a bizarre ray of sunshine split the grey London skies. The next thing we saw was Queenie looking utterly delighted. Maybe she remembers him in the bunny outfit at the school play. As Cameron’s car left for Downing Street, a rainbow came out over the Palace. Extraordinary stuff. I was impressed by Cameron, both for going around the car to open the door for Samantha, (did you spot her shoes? How did she manage to wear them when pregnant?), and also by his assertion that Britain is a better place than it was 13 years ago. He’s wrong of course, but how lovely of him to say that.

Yesterday the political Ant and Dec arrived on the steps of Number 10 and did a double act. I am cautiously optimistic about this era of post-modern politics, except if everyone is going to be so nice to each other, what the heck am I going to write about? 

Well, there is one burning remaining political question. Now we’ve got Campo and Clegg, who is going to be Foggy?

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