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See you all under the new regime…

I’ve never seen myself as a political blogger in the conventional sense, but on the day of the longest overdue election in a lifetime, I am tempted to write something about it. This may in part be because I have not been allowed to say anything political on the radio since the election was announced. 

I don’t know about you, but we’ve been sent bog all literature by anyone. And the only people to pitch up on the doorstep were a pair of Jehovah’s witnesses last week, unless the Lib Dems have started to hand out The Watchtower. We live in a highly marginal seat, only 163 votes divided the two top candidates five years ago, so it seems a little odd to neglect me.

Maybe I could pick my candidate from the logo’s, a toddler-scrawled tree, a leafy world, a decontructed bird – is it a pigeon? – or a red rose, no the last reminds me of the rugger buggers at Med School. What about what the candidates look like? Clearly no-one is going to chose Gordon Brown or Nick Griffin in a beauty contest, and that green, sorry Green, woman has the most forgettable face in the world. 

In all honesty I have trouble telling David Clegg and Nick Cameron apart, and they sound identical.

There’s only one thing for it, I’ll have to read the health bits of the manifestos. Whoa, that was a mistake, now I’m really confused. Shall I précis my understanding of them? Lib Dems, scrap central targets, sack bureaucrats, and let local committees run hospitals. Blah, blah, blah…all hot air and no mention of how. The BNP (whose website is frankly libellous) are going to sack 100,000 NHS beaurocrats, and replace them with doctors and nurses. Methinks Griffin has not thought this through. Where are we going to get them from without further immigration? I’d tell you more, but I couldn’t bear to keep the webpage open any longer. 

The Green Party policy roughly goes – let’s make everything free, cut independent sector providers, and seemingly, remove patient choice. But I might have read that last bit wrong. The Tories are going to cut bureaucracy (yawn), make all drugs freely available, more blah, blah. There is a high point on the Tory health manifesto page, a video of their proposals. Well it would be a high point, if it wasn’t Andrew Lansley talking. 

And Labour, what are they going to do? Three guesses, preventative medicine, and forgive me if I’ve read this wrong too, but more targets.

Bring back The Monster Raving Loony Party, at least they gave us an honest laugh.

See you all under the new regime… 

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