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“Share views on April pension contribution hike”

Doctors are being urged to register their responses to the Department of Health’s consultation on plans to increase pension contribution rates from April.

The DH is consulting on the second of its annual increases to NHS pension contributions, with doctors seeing deductions of up to 13.3% of their pay from this April.

The BMA said it has logged more than 2,500 responses to the DH’s consultation on this year’s increases and that is equated to about 2,000 responses from individual doctors.

The government has imposed significant increases in doctors’ pension contributions despite resistance from the profession, which included a day of industrial action last June.

In November, the BMA said there was scope for negotiation on the tiering of contributions following a letter from health secretary Jeremy Hunt that suggested the government was willing to consider a flatter structure from 2015 so long as it raises an average 9.8%.

The issue of flatter tiering has become a prime focus of the BMA’s pensions campaign after all but giving up on the idea of blocking the Pensions Act, which will see the end of the final salary pension scheme and could lead to doctors working up to the age of 68.

The Department of Health implemented the first of its rises in April 2012. Consultants saw their contributions rise from 8.5% to 9.9%, with further rises – going up to 14.5% for highest earners – planned by 2014/15.

Doctors will move onto a career average pension scheme when the Pensions Act becomes law, except those who are within ten years of retirement.

A BMA spokesperson said: “We are encouraging people to use a pro-forma text on our website.”

To take part in the consultation, which runs until 12 February, click HERE or HERE.

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2 Responses to ““Share views on April pension contribution hike””

  1. Dr Death says:

    Send a proforma text and you will get a proforma response from your ConDem MP which will read (I paraphrase for the benefit of the hard of understanding) “All public service pensions are gold-plated, and the taxpayer can’t afford them – so suck it up, mate, life is hard, stop whining and don’t bother me again”. Expect no rational response to data or to any mention of fairness/long-term planning. Don’t mention the renegotiation of the NHS pension scheme in 2005 which was agreed by all parties (including HMG actuaries) to be a fair and affordable deal to last a generation. These b***ards in government will respond to nothing except force, and I am afraid the BMA has given up the fight because its members are too apathetic.

  2. @Flattliner says:

    Dr Death it wasn’t the BMA members that rolled over like puppies with Guillain-Barré syndrome, it was the BMA Council; they ignored both the members’ vote and the motions passed at last year’s ARM. I wonder how they will defend our contracts against the threat posed by the long-awaited (read: long-hidden) DDRB review? Let’s think, perhaps they’ll scare the Coalition by acting tough?

    Has to be said: Lions led by donkeys.

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