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ST3 medical recruitment to be re-run despite job offers having been confirmed

A mistake in the recruitment process for ST3 grades by the Royal College of Physicians has left up to 1,500 junior doctors having their job offers withdrawn.

The Royal College of Physicians, which oversees the medical recruitment of trainees, apologised for the “human error” and is working to restart the process this week.

A message from the RCP president, Professor Jane Dacre, and RCP registrar Dr Andrew Goddard, said: “We are re-running the process as some doctors may have not got the job they originally would have preferred due to the error and we must be fair to them.”

Trainees have reacted angrily to the mistake with many suggesting they are in limbo, and potentially out of pocket over plans to move home.

The RCP representatives added: “We remain very sorry for the worry and disruption this situation is creating. We know that all those in the recruitment round have been affected by the stress this situation has been created but that most will still get the job they were expecting.”

The British Medical Association, said it was “appalled”.

The junior doctors were alerted to the error late on Friday, at the start of the bank holiday weekend.

Many were set to uproot their families to take up the job offers, selling homes, putting offers down on houses, moving children to new schools and partners resigning from jobs to find new ones.

The RCP acknowledged the “bad timing” of the announcement but said “we decided that it would be even worse to keep the information to ourselves for three days” and wanted to be “as transparent as early as possible”.

The RCP is offering updates on its website.

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