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NHS consultants receive 2.8% pay rise following coronavirus heroics

Hospital consultants and staff grade, associate specialist and specialty doctors (SAS) doctors are to receive a pay uplift of 2.8% this year.

However, trainee doctors and GPs will receive significantly less because they will be restricted to their multi-year pay awards set last year.

The BMA called this grossly unfair and called on the Government to provide a more significant pay award for all doctors.

As part of the 2018 review of the junior doctor contract in England, trainees received a guaranteed pay uplift of 2% per year for the next four years, alongside other financial investment into contractual changes.

Health Secretary Matt Hancock said: “These past few months have been an incredibly challenging time for our NHS, and the resolve, professionalism and dedication of staff has been on show throughout.

“We are able to accept the recommendations of the independent pay review body for dentists and doctors.”

Nurses, auxiliary health workers and NHS managers received no extra increase as they are already on a three-year pay deal, under which the starting pay for a newly qualified nurse has increased by 12% since 2017/18.

This means nurses who are still moving up their pay structures will receive an average 4.4% rise this year.

The chair of the BMA consultants committee, Dr Rob Harwood, said: “The Government has put billions of pounds into business and industry to help keep the economy afloat during this pandemic but today it has shown it is not willing to do the same for those on the frontline of this pandemic.

“This uplift means, for many, their take home pay rises between just £15 and £24 per week and doctors quite rightly should be bitterly disappointed and may even be insulted by today’s news particularly given the sacrifices they have made.

“Many of the most highly skilled doctors in the NHS have seen their pay whittled away year on year with minimal or no pay rises – with many having suffered a 30% real-terms pay cut over the last decade. This was the perfect opportunity for the Government to show it values our doctors and give them the pay they deserve.”

The Government claims that nearly 900,000 public sector workers will receive above inflation pay rises.

However, unions have questioned why social care workers had not been given a boost. The Government says its ability to do so was limited because the vast majority work in the private sector.

Hancock said: “I am committed to supporting the entire NHS and social care workforce through improved recruitment and retention and delivering 50,000 more nurses and 6,000 more doctors in general practice.”

Teachers will receive a 3.1% pay rise.

Read the doctor pay scales.

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