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New mentoring scheme for trainees launched

The Royal College of Physicians has launched a new mentoring scheme for core medical trainees (CMTs).

The new scheme, which will concentrate on CMT members of the RCP, aims to provide support to CMTs during what is often a busy period in their professional lives.

A recent RCP survey found that 90% of respondents said that service provision took up 80-100% of their time, leaving very little time for training. CMT doctors were also concerned about the amount and quality of consultant feedback, and the length and frequency of meetings with their educational supervisors, with most respondents wishing for longer and more frequent meetings.

The new scheme plans to provide crucial support in these areas flagged up as a concern for doctors in CMT.

The mentors are usually specialty trainees (from ST3 upwards) and consultants across a broad range of specialties and geographical locations throughout the UK. The scheme aims to provide the opportunity for CMTs to work with and learn from senior colleagues, who are not their direct clinical or educational supervisor, whilst also providing fresh insight for both the trainee and mentor in their particular fields.

Commencing in October 2014, the scheme will run for 6 months with the opportunity to extend in future.

Dr Catherine Mathews, RCP Careers fellow, said: “I am delighted that the RCP is introducing a new mentoring scheme for those undertaking core medical training (CMT). Such a scheme will provide welcome support during what is often a busy time, enabling honest and reflective dialogue that will ultimately focus on the trainee’s career and personal goals. It is also worth noting that such schemes provide great insight for mentors – assisting them to reflect on their own work; build their leadership and guidance skills whilst supporting colleagues in their professional development.”

The RCP has initially chosen to focus this scheme on CMTs, however there are hopes to widen this out in future.

Meanwhile, Professor Jane Dacre has been elected as the new president of the Royal College of Physicians. Prof Dacre won by 281 votes from the next nearest candidate and becomes the third female president in the RCP’s history. In total there were 4,933 valid votes, and Dacre was elected with 1,848 votes.

The number of votes cast has risen from 3,579 in 2006, through 3,707 in 2010, to 4,933 in 2014.

Professor Dacre is currently director of UCL Medical School, and a consultant physician and rheumatologist at the Whittington Hospital in North London. Until recently she was Medical Director of the MRCP(UK) – the membership examination of the Joint Royal Colleges of Physicians of the UK. Previous posts include Vice Dean and Director of Medical Education, UCL, between 2007 and 2010, and Professor of Medical Education at UCL.

She said: “I am honoured to have been elected as President of the Royal College of Physicians today. I look forward to the challenges ahead, and to helping physicians to have a stronger voice in the NHS.”

She replaces Sir Richard Thompson, who comes to the end of his four-year tenure.

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One Response to “New mentoring scheme for trainees launched”

  1. Malcolm Morrison says:

    The question is WHY is “80 – 100%” of their time being spent on “service provision”?

    It is the CONSULTANTS who are responsible for ensuring their ‘timetable’ (or ‘job plan’) allows for proper training and supervision!

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