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Labour: New funds to recruit more professionals

A Labour government would create a truly world-class 21st century health and care service claimed leader Ed Miliband as he addressed the party faithful at its annual conference.

In a long speech – that outlined a ten-year plan to “fix” the UK – he said health and care services “are creaking”.

A Labour government would commit £2.5 billion to an ‘NHS Time to Care Fund’, which would fund an integrated plan for physical health, mental health and care for the elderly.

Miliband said: “One in four people can’t get to see their GP within a week. We’ve had the scandal of home care visits for the elderly restricted to just 15 minutes. The NHS does face huge challenges over the coming years. We will transform our NHS. It is time to care about our NHS. We need doctors, nurses, midwives, care workers, who are able to spend proper time with us, not rushed off their feet.

“So we will set aside resources so that we can have in our NHS 3,000 more midwives, 5,000 more care workers, 8,000 more GPs and 20,000 more nurses. An NHS with time to care.”

Miliband said he would raise the additional funding not through tax rises for “ordinary working families” but by “clamping down on tax avoidance including tax loopholes by the hedge funds to raise over £1 billion”. He also said they’d introduce a mansion tax on homes above £2 million, and raise additional funds from tobacco companies.

A Labour government would also repeal the Health and Social Care Act, and “stop privatising the NHS”.

Miliband said: “Just imagine what another five years of David Cameron would mean for our National Health Service. We are not going to let it happen, our NHS is too precious, too important and we will not let it happen. Friends, we built the NHS. We saved the NHS. We are going to repeal the Health and Social Care Bill and we are going to transform our NHS for the future. That is what the next Labour government will do and friends, we will do it together.”

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One Response to “Labour: New funds to recruit more professionals”

  1. MrT says:

    Er…didn’t Midstaffs occur under a Labour government? Andy Burnham tried to cover it up didn’t he? No thanks.

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