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Heart surgeons launch new outcomes website

Patients can go online examine their heart surgeon’s and hospital’s outcome data prior to an operation and access a wealth of data about heart surgery.

The Society for Cardiothoracic Surgery has launched the the Blue Book Online, to provide further information and reassurances to patients about the quality of their potential surgery.

The cardiac surgeons have refreshed their data on outcomes of surgery by hospital and individual consultant surgeons.

Publishing outcome data has been a key policy under Labour and continued under the Coalition to allow patients more access to information about surgery outcomes and to give them greater choice of where to be treated.

Cardiothoracic surgeons blazed the trail on the Healthcare Commission website and it was intended that other specialties would follow their lead, however after the creation of the Care Quality Commission the data was left to drift and became out of date.

For patients undergoing cardiac surgery, the websites demonstrate a move towards greater transparency and the ultimate aim of them is to help patients make informed choices about their care.

Using simple web tools, patients will be able to research the type of operation they are going to have, establish how many similar operations are carried out each year and understand the potential risks associated with their operation.

The Blue Book Online has been developed in partnership with the National Institute for Cardiovascular Outcomes Research, NorthWest EHealth and the Manchester Academic Health Science Centre is being launched at the SCTS annual meeting in Brighton.

The SCTS are urging other surgical specialties to replicate their investment in outcomes digital technology and transparency, highlighting that effective reporting of outcome data will be a huge step towards preventing failures in clinical governance.

Mr James Roxburgh, president of the SCTS, said: “It seems likely that the only effective way of preventing further gross failures of clinical governance is to have more widespread and transparent use of clinical outcomes data. We have previously published our data in a series of comprehensive audits, but now see clear, accurate and comparative web-based information as the most suitable platform for surgeons and patients.

“There needs to be a focus on the whole service we provide and not just clinical outcomes. The Blue book online and other associated IT tools will empower patients and lead to better decision making by professionals and a more positive patient experience.”

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  1. Balint Bodroghy says:

    So – how can I access the data?
    I am about to undergo heart surgery in Brighton.

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