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Government loses health ministers in difficult General Election night for Conservatives

Two Conservative Health Ministers lost their seats last night in a turbulent General Election for the government.

Whilst winning the largest share of the seats, the Conservatives had some high profile ministerial losses including David Mowat and Nicola Blackwood.

Ben Gummer, former health minister, and tipped as a replacement for Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt, was also shown the door by the electorate.

Embarrassingly, he was also the architect of the recent Tory Manifesto.

The Health Secretary, however, survived a strong challenge from local GP Dr Louise Irvine.

The National Health Action party candidate came in second place with 20% of the vote, taking more than 12,000 votes in the South West Surrey election on Thursday.

The vote saw a massive 11.5% swing to the doctor-led NHA party which opposes NHS cuts and privatisation.

The health secretary’s vote fell from 34,199 in 2015 to 33,683.

She said: “Jeremy Hunt was challenged on his NHS record and if he stays on as health secretary he will know that people in his constituency and across the country are watching him and will hold him to account for what happens to the NHS.

“He can’t get away with glib falsely reassuring soundbites any more – he will have to deliver real improvements in the NHS – for patients and staff.”

Primary care minister David Mowat – who earlier this year suggested GP practices across England could merge into 1,500 superhubs – lost his Warrington South seat after Labour overturned his 2,750 vote majority.

Elsewhere, GP and Conservative MP Dr James Davies lost his north Wales Vale of Clwyd seat to Labour.

In Stockton South, GP Dr Paul Williams was elected for Labour, taking the seat from Tory former minister James Wharton. The GP federation chief executive won the shock result with a 5.7% swing.

The Conservatives failed to gain enough seats for an outright majority, but have formed a government that will operate with the support of the DUP, the Northern Irish political party.

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