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Government accused of giving NHS consultants a 0.75% pay rise for this year

The Chair of the BMA Consultants Committee has attacked the Government over the “derisory and outrageous” pay rise offered to consultants.

The Government has offered a 1.5% pay rise to consultants for 2018-2019, despite the independent Pay Review Body recommending 2%.

Dr Rob Harwood explained that consultants will only received half of this pay rise.

He said: “Once again this is a below inflationary uplift and therefore effectively a real terms pay cut, as this uplift comes into effect in October (and is not backdated) it is actually a 0.75% uplift, which is to say less than the 1% uplift which we have received in previous years.”

The BMA says there has been a 19% decrease in real terms pay over the past 10 years.

Harwood said this deal is worse than when the Government imposed a 1% cap on pay rises – which it lifted in 2017.

“We have also yet to receive clarity on whether trusts can choose to use the CEA funding to pay for transition, rather than using it to uplift the value of awards,” he said.

“What is clear is that the DDRB suggested that a 2% uplift should apply to CEAs but only a 0.5% uplift has been awarded, only to new awards, only effective after October and may be used by trusts to offset the cost of providing the awards that we believe are your contractual entitlement.”

The CCSC has been in negotiation with the Government over a new consultant contract for years, with no draft contract yet forthcoming.

Harwood said the consultants committee would review its “measured collegiate approach to dealing with this government”.

He said: “We can also expect that this announcement will only make any eventual ballot on a new consultant contract much less likely to succeed.”

In a message to BMA members, the committee leader said the Government’s much heralded 3.4% NHS investment increase is in some part subsidised by ongoing and unacceptable reductions in consultants pay.

Read the pay scales.

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