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GMC sets new standards for doctors medical education and training

A new single set of standards promoting excellence and patient safety has been launched by the GMC.

The standards cover both undergraduate and postgraduate medical education and are designed to put patient safety, quality of care, and fairness at the heart of the training received by both medical students and doctors.

It also makes the roles and responsibilities of organisations delivering medical education clearer as well as the requirements for teaching, supervision and support.

To meet the GMC’s standards, organisations will need to demonstrate they have a culture where concerns about patient safety and standards of care or training can be raised without fear of adverse consequences.

The standards also highlight the importance of leadership and governance, ensuring those providing medical education are accountable for the quality of training they provide.

Niall Dickson, Chief Executive of the GMC, said: “This is about putting safety and quality of patient care at the core of medical education.

“These new standards should provide all doctors in training and medical students with assurance that they will be supported.

“We know that the environment in which doctors and students are trained influences how they learn and how they subsequently apply the appropriate professional values, skills and behaviours. We want these new standards to make sure that doctors in training are valued and supported so they are able to gain the right experience to provide safe, effective and compassionate care for their patients.”

The new standards were developed with input from a wide range of organisations and individuals interested in medical education and training following a public consultation earlier in 2015.

Promoting excellence: standards for medical education and training, published today will mean that organisations will now only be responsible for delivering one set of standards which reduces the burden on medical education and training providers.

The new document replaces current GMC standards set out in Tomorrows Doctors (aimed at medical students) and The Trainee Doctor (aimed at postgraduate doctors in training) and comes into effect on 1st January 2016.

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One Response to “GMC sets new standards for doctors medical education and training”

  1. jfletcher says:

    So tired of the word ‘excellence’ which has been so over-used in recent years that it is now meaningless. Originally it meant to be the best – how can everyone coming out of medical school all be better than each other? What hope is there for medical education when its leaders are functionally illiterate and innumerate?

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