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EPR system goes live at Cambridge NHS Trust

A new electronic patient record system that will support two hospitals to go paperless has gone live.

The new system across Cambridge University Hospitals FT is intended to improve the quality of care for patients by ensuring that doctors and nurses can access relevant patient information wherever they are on handheld devices.

The £200m system at Addenbrooke’s and Rosie hospitals in Cambridge, based on bespoke software, prevents clinicians having to wait for medical notes.

Renal consultant and Chief Information Officer Dr Afzal Chaudhry said: “We’re delighted that this revolutionary new system has now gone live. It is the biggest single investment the trust has ever made in the quality of patient care, and will make a real difference for everyone who comes into the trust.”

The trust is the first in the UK to use Epic’s eHospital system, which is used widely in the US.

The software currently contains more than 2.1m patient records from the last five years and it can be used on 7,000 computers and devices at the hospitals.

Nurses can quickly access and update patient records using 500 iPod Touch devices and using its barcode scanner, run tests such as measuring blood pressure.

The software can also be accessed on staff smartphones.

Chaudry said patients will get their medication quicker, nurses can spend more time with their patients and people who are treated in the trust will get home sooner.

He added: “This doesn’t mean the trust will be going ‘paperless’ immediately, it will take about a year to transfer medical records over. The most important priority is that we continue to deliver high quality care for our patients. For example, a midwife delivering a baby may decide it is more appropriate at a particular time to write on paper then transfer the data electronically later.”

In total 7,000 devices, including some of the previous computer hardware, will be running the electronic patient record software.

All data will be encrypted and no information will be stored on the devices. Data is backed up on two separate HP server centres in different geographic areas. There are multiple links to the data centres to ensure the system can operate continuously.

The trust has conducted over 200,000 hours of staff training a head of this week’s launch.

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One Response to “EPR system goes live at Cambridge NHS Trust”

  1. Malcolm Morrison says:

    Like many ‘innovations’, this sounds like a good idea. I wish them well.

    However, I hope you will excuse a note of caution – or ‘cynicism’! The NHS (and other Govt. Dept.s) do not have a good ‘track record’ in introducing ‘innovative’ methods of using IT! I hope I ma proved wrong on this occasion.

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