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BMA junior doctor chair tells junior doctors their voices will be heard as equal partners

The BMA junior doctors committee chair has told trainees their voices will be heard as equal partners as part of a review and fresh negotiations of the contract imposed on doctors in 2016.

Speaking to the BMA junior doctors conference 2018, Dr Jeeves Wijesuriya announced the union’s participation in the 2018 Review and a formal, collaborative bargaining process to make changes to the contract.

Dr Wijesuriya explained to delegates at the Birmingham Conferences & Exhibition Centre that, after lengthy negotiations with national leaders, the BMA will remain in dispute over the unilateral introduction of the contract while taking this formal opportunity to improve it.

The final agreed deal will be put to members in a referendum.

He said: “Over the coming year we will be addressing every area possible: to make this a contract which can work for us, to improve our lives inside and outside the hospital or GP practice and to ensure the next generation of doctors face a better future.”

Dr Wijesuriya drew attention to the new guidance on good rostering practices, and said the committee has made progress on promoting career development.

He said: “In England, the Enhancing Junior Doctors’ Working Lives report has secured tangible progress on educational experience and real progress in non-contractual issues.

“We have helped to improve access to study budgets which will remove thousands of pounds of personal costs to trainees, better enforce notice periods for new jobs and rosters as well as brought about a £10 million initiative aimed at supporting trainees returning from time away for any reason.”

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