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End is nigh for Mr Jerry Nelson, Middle Bit of England Trust


Area of practice: Middle Bit of England NHS Trust

Planned dates: 15 November 2011 to 2 December 2011

St James’s Buildings, 79 Oxford Street, Manchester, M1 6FQ

The Fitness to Practise Panel will meet at St James’s Buildings, 79 Oxford Street, Manchester, M1 6FQ to consider a new case of impairment by reason of misconduct and deficient professional performance.

The Panel will inquire into the allegation that on 11 October Mr Nelson, employed as a general surgeon at Middle Bit of England NHS Trust, appeared under the influence of alcohol, using abusive language and risking patient safety.

It is alleged that on the day after being ‘de-listed’ by a major private health insurer and notification that his application for a Platinum Clinical Excellence Award had been turned down (for the 13th successive year), Mr Nelson turned up to work drunk.

At 9.23am, an electric car – belonging to the Medical Director – was shunted out of its parking place in the consultant car park and into a flower bed. Eye witnesses said the offending vehicle was a Jaguar and a well-dressed man walked away with a golf bag over his shoulder muttering “tree hugging, car park hogging bastard”.

At 10.24am, three ambulances attending A&E and four patients walking out of hospital were struck by golf balls. An eye witness spotted a man fitting Mr Nelson’s description playing shots from the hospital’s roof.

At 11.37am, Nigel Smith – Mr Nelson’s secretary – was found locked in a cupboard with the following message written on his forehead: “Nobody likes a smart arse”.

At 12.22pm, a senior midwife was confronted by a smartly dressed man who accused her of having “been hit with an ugly stick” and of being “of less use than an infection control witch”. He proceeded to drink three alcohol hand gels.

At 12.24pm, a senior infection control officer was confronted by a man who accused her of having “been hit with an ugly stick” and being “of less use than a midwife”, before he proceeded to strip to his underpants “in order to comply with the trust’s bare above the elbow policy”.

At 1pm, at a clinical governance meeting, Mr Nelson asked whether a medical manager “was the stripper” and left shortly afterwards “to get a kebab”.

At 1.02pm, Mr Nelson allegedly urged a Polish colleague to “go back home to Germany”. At 1.03pm, he urged a Geordie colleague to “go back to his own country”. At 1.05pm, Mr Nelson urged a Filipino nurse to “go back to my place”.

At 3pm, an hour later than scheduled, Mr Nelson entered theatre chanting “You fat bastard, you fat bastard” at his anaesthetist. Ten minutes later he slumped over the patient and started snoring. The Panel will also inquire into the allegation that he left theatre with ‘a handful’ of human tissue after being roused.

At 3.23pm, Mr Nelson was barred from entering the Church Steeple Private Hospital by security after having parked his Jaguar in its reception.

At 4.28pm, Urologist Mr Tim Johnson returned to his office to find erotic pictures of his wife – in various states of undress – posted around his department.

At 6.22pm, the chief executive left the hospital to find that his legally parked car had been towed away by Spudge Security, which manages the car parks, and of which Mr Nelson is a major shareholder. So had the cars of anyone involved in general medicine, and anyone with a beard. Several female ODAs were upset by the implication.

At 6.23pm, Prof Jones, chair of the national CEA committee, returned home in Surrey to find a Jaguar car on his lawn with his pet Labrador ‘Minty’ underneath it.

At 11.22pm, Mr Nelson was admitted to Middle Bit of England NHS Trust A&E with a minor head injury after being ejected from the Pussy Cat Club. Before passing out, he uttered “Arsing mcarse to the whole ARSE of you”.

The above reflects the allegations as they stand at the start of the hearing. The allegations may be amended as the hearing proceeds and when findings of fact are made by the Fitness to Practise Panel. If you require up to date information regarding the allegation throughout the course of the hearing, please contact the GMC’s Press Office.

In accordance with Rule 41(2) of the General Medical Council (Fitness to Practise) Rules 2004, the Panel may decide to exclude the public from the proceedings or any part of the proceedings, where they consider that the circumstances of the case outweigh the public interest in holding the hearing in public.

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