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Oh how times have changed with medical exams

Penultimate year medical students at a London University have recently found out that they must all resit an exam. This is following claims that over 60% of the exam paper questions could be found in a question bank medical app.

Students from Kings College London who recently sat through an Obstetrics & Gynaecology exam were surprised to note that a large proportion of the questions were identical to those found in an OB/GYN medical question app. The author of the £1.49 app is a lecturer at the University who wrote some of the questions on the exam paper using information from the medical app that had been published.

It is not clear how many of the students used the app or were aware of its existence; however, the University launched an immediate investigation.

An email to the students from the medical school pointed out: “Questions used for revision purposes and available via a Smartphone app were included in the paper. The examination has been declared void. The individual responsible will play no further part in student or MBBS related activity.”

The incident highlights that medical schools need to keep an eye on all their smart arse doctors who develop medical apps…

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