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The value of being a Good Samaritan: a free coffee but not worth a KitKat

An off-duty GP who stepped in to help an ill passenger on an EasyJet flight to Greece was given a free coffee  – but made to pay £1.20 for a KitKat.

Dr Edward Southall was flying to Thessaloniki on holiday when an elderly woman fell ill and required urgent medical assistance.

Knowing he would at least be able to diagnose what was wrong with the pensioner, Dr Southall ‘immediately’ let cabin crew know he was a qualified medical expert and asked for a first aid kit to assess the traveller’s condition.

For over an hour he treated the stricken passenger, who was breathless and on the verge of losing consciousness – taking her blood pressure and measuring her pulse.

He managed to get her into a stable condition, preventing the packed plane from having to divert to another European airport – a move that would have cost the low-cost airline tens of thousands of pounds.

When the woman fell asleep, Dr Southall, from Totnes, Devon, was eventually able to return to his seat.

He then asked a passing flight attendant if it was possible to have a coffee and a KitKat.

As a thank you for his heroics, the air hostess was happy to give him the drink for free – but told him he would have to fork out £1.20 for the biscuit. A single bar of the chocolate usually retails at around 55p.

Emergency landings can cost airlines from between £20,000 to £160,000.

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