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An interesting homeopathic treatment for keeping bored conference delegates awake

I’m involved in organising some conferences. The ‘delegate experience’ is really important and we try really hard to make sure our punters have a good time.

However, there are limits – something that the organisers of a recent homeopathy conference in Germany seem to have forgotten.

The event descended into chaos after dozens of delegates took an LSD-like drug and began to suffer hallucinations.

Twenty-nine male and female delegates were spotted ‘staggering around’ in front of the convention centre in Handeloh, south of Hamburg.

Broadcaster NDR reported that delegates were also seen curled up on the field outside the centre, talking incoherently and suffering violent convulsions.

Test revealed the patients had taken the drug 2C-E, known as Aquarust in Germany. The substance was banned there at the end of last year.

According to the charity Frank, the drug has psycheldelic, hallucinogenic and stimulant effects – similar to a cross between ecstasy and LSD.

German police have since launched an investigation, and I’m left wondering what crippling illness Aquarust homeopathically cures?!

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