Let him without sin cast the first stone

At least the NHS has been taken off the headlines this week. Clare Gerada’s stinging rebuke of the Prime Minister and his approach to practice boundaries, together with warnings that NHS waiting times are rising, pale into insignificance when compared to the alleged antics of the News Corporation.

I was never one to take a great deal of interest in the News of the World and I am probably in the minority in not having my phone hacked, or at least if it has been the police have yet to tell me.

But I can’t help thinking about the way our Parliamentary democracy has reacted to such a shameful example of wrongdoing. Where were the select committees at the time our elected leaders stole from the taxpayer by way of expense claims? The sense of self-righteous indignation displayed by the MPs questioning the serving and retired police officers, Messrs Yates, Hayman and Clarke, frankly left me reaching for the meclazine before finding a ferry to take me to France – or anywhere to escape the nauseas arrogance of the MPs’ “questioning”.

True, the sound bites were good: “The public will see you as a dodgy geezer,” said Lorraine Fullbrook, the Conservative MP for South Ribble. “More like Clouseau than Columbo,” said chairman Keith Vaz. It is all too easy to fire attacks on those appearing before a select committee, even the more so when protected by parliamentary privilege and in front of the TV cameras.

I just hope that when the Murdochs and Rebekah Brooks appear before the committee they give as much as they get. I am not saying News Corporation is perfect – far from it. But maybe, just maybe, the committee chairman might begin his questioning with the words: “Let him without sin cast the first stone.”

Might be a short hearing!

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3 Responses to “Let him without sin cast the first stone”

  1. Jacqui Harris says:


    well said…I could not have put it better…what a circus! hope you are well


  2. pete says:

    Yes, but its funny how all of us are feeling nauseous now rather than over the past 50 years of this newspaper’s antics. We have tacitly condoned the sort of gutter press that frankly one hardly finds on the Continent and suddenly we’re surprised that they behave in a gutter way. We deserve this come-uppance because we’re so self-righteous as a nation…..about our media, about our justice, about our independent currency, about our wonderful NHS with its appalling cancer survival rates, when in fact most of these things are totally inferior to their equivalents in other civilised European countries.

  3. Malcolm Morrison says:

    But, in spite of the play acting and weasel words of both politicians and press, it would appear that crimes have been committed on a large scale and only two people (one reporter and one private ‘investigator’) have been prosecuted so far! It would appear that several people of some seniority have been prepared to ‘turn a blind eye’ to the matter and it was only when the public became aware that bereaved families of servicemen and a murder victim had had their phones hacked that people decided things had gone too far.

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