Be wary of European medical directory scam

I have been worried all day today. What possible practical joke would be played on such a gullible Chief Executive as me? I wasn’t taken in by the Gorillas given iPads to comfort them, nor was I persuaded that a specially adapted Zimmer frame enabled a grandmother to maintain her favourite pastime – skateboarding!

Of higher probability would be the never-ending attempts by trusts to render consultant contracts and terms and conditions of service null and void. But then again that is not just a 1st April occurrence. It happens all the time.

But now forget the date and please read on because I received a letter today about something that to the sender seemed far more serious than a practical joke. His letter is by no means unique and about something that has affected a considerable number of doctors in Europe and the UK.

How often have you been invited make your professional details and medical practice widely available through what appears to be a respected publication? It happens frequently. But how do you know whether the publisher is legitimate? The first, and frightening, clue may well come when you receive an invoice demanding over 1000 euros and threatening that non-payment will result in legal action. Your attention is drawn to the fine print in which it is (dubiously) alleged that you signed a three year contract.

I am no expert in the probity, or otherwise, of firms that carry out such publishing practices. But I have come across a website that readers might find helpful.

So rather than write a blog this week about a speech I may have made, a walk in the park, a rant about some Machiavellian antic of an NHS trust, or even a comment about the outrageous behaviour of some NHS patients, my blog is designed to be specific, relevant and helpful. That is actually what I try to do anyway – but click on the link and form your own view!

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51 Responses to “Be wary of European medical directory scam”

  1. joy says:

    This scam is alive and well in 2019.
    Ignore them and all correspondence. It’s a fraud

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