Brand NHS: How to get a head in advertising…

As the countdown to Christmas continues, so too do appalling TV and newspaper advertisements. Some (well most frankly) make me vow never to buy the product because the adverts are so awful. One or two are quite good, although who on earth would want to buy perfume or aftershave based on the sexy whisper of the manufacturer’s name? I still can’t tell whether she is asking me to buy Don Giovanni or Armani – but who cares? Most adverts are downright dreadful.

So I had this “I’m sorry I haven’t a clue” moment. How about using one advertisement to advertise someone else’s product? And to make it fun the product had to be NHS related (or loosely so!). Here’s my top eight:

1. “Go Compare” to advertise Dr Foster’s Hospital League Tables

2. “Believe in Better” to feature the health secretary peering down on those unfortunate patients foolish enough to subscribe to expensive NHS TV channels, let alone watch him

3. “Every little Helps” to promote NHS pay and pension propaganda

4. “We’re the 4th emergency service” to encourage use of GP out-of-hours cooperative’s (well adverts must be taken with a pinch of salt)

5. “We take care of you” offering a warm welcome at Circle’s Hinchingbrooke Hospital

6. “Never knowingly undersold” offering PFI schemes at knockdown prices

7. “Can’t believe it’s not butter” for the Care Quality Commission, as it tries to work out what it really is

8. “Better by design” as affordable hospitals are built

Have a go yourself to while away those idle moments between mother-in-law’s arrival and her ever extending date of departure. My most treasured advertisement though is “Famous Grouse” and in wishing you all a Happy Christmas, prosperous New Year and all the joys of the festive season I leave it to you to select the grouse of your choice. There are, and will continue to be, many to choose from!

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One Response to “Brand NHS: How to get a head in advertising…”

  1. Malcolm Morrison says:

    How about “The future is orange” in realtion to the future of the NHS? It could be Lansley’s dream of a wonderful sunset; or the profession’s view of the impending fires of hell!

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