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Why are the Lib Dems betraying the NHS?

Traditionally, the Liberal Democrats have always stood on a political platform promoting a more just and progressive society, based on a mixed economy, supporting public institutions to ensure equal opportunities for all.

They have a proud heritage in assuming responsibility for the social security and health of the nation’s citizens, which includes David Lloyd George’s introduction of a welfare system between 1908-14. This was followed by the Beveridge report in 1942, which led to the creation of the Welfare state and set the foundations for the formation of the NHS by the Labour Party.

Not surprisingly they have a long history of visceral dislike of the Conservative Party.

However, in 2001, the Lib Dems policy review, chaired by Chris Huhne, forged the party’s first steps towards the erosion of public monopoly in public service provision. This change in policy direction was rubber stamped by a defining moment in the history of the Liberal Party with the publication of the Orange Book in 2004, with contributors including the current cabinet ministers Nick Clegg, Vince Cable, and Chris Huhne.

This signalled a major change in direction of policy towards the right, with a focus on free market economics and the use markets as a solution to social and societal problems. Notoriously, the Orange Book called for a social insurance scheme with private providers to replace the NHS. It was therefore no surprise that the 2010 Liberal Democrat manifesto suggested market reform of the NHS, including abolition of SHAs, a direction of travel now emulated by the coalition government’s Health and Social Care Bill.

It should therefore be of no surprise that the leadership of the Liberal Democrats are supporting the Bill, which aims to dismantle the NHS and betrays their Party’s underlying principles to protect public services. However, many backbench Liberal Democrat MPs and grassroots Liberal Democrat members do not subscribe to the Orange Book camp’s view and they must surely be extremely concerned about the direction of travel that Nick Clegg has taken them. In fact, there is a significant section of Liberal Democrat MPs who belong to the centre left Beveridge Group, which was formed to counter the right leaning Orange Book liberals.

One member of this group, Andrew Carmichael, MP, stated that: “Should the party of Beveridge and Keynes approach issues with a prejudice in favour of the free market system? Should we enter every policy debate with an underlying belief that private is always better than public? I certainly do not think so.”

These MPs could therefore hold the key to preventing the demise of the NHS as a publicly funded and provided service. The whips will be making sure that they vote in favour of the Bill and this was successfully achieved with the second reading of the Bill. I would therefore like to make a plea that they start to listen to the concerns of the medical profession and move away from the market-based policies that are designed to cause the ‘creative destruction’ of the NHS. This will end up destroying their own party and they will have no excuses.

I would also ask that doctors that live in the constituencies of Liberal Democrat MPs, write to them or meet them in their surgeries to discuss the damaging consequences of the Health and Social Care Bill.

If the Bill passes, then the Liberal Democrats must be made to shoulder the blame for the demise of the NHS. This must include the Beveridge Group, who have been so weak as to allow their own party to become hijacked by politicians who share almost identical ideology to their Conservative masters.

The following list of Liberal Democrats belong to the Beveridge Group. You can contact them here.

Norman Baker MP

John Barrett MP

Annette Brooke MP

Alistair Carmichael MP

Tim Farron MP

Don Foster MP

Andrew George MP

Mike Hancock MP

John Hemming MP

Martin Horwood MP

Simon Hughes MP

Chris Huhne MP

Mark Hunter MP

John Leech MP

John Pugh MP

Dan Rogerson MP

Bob Russell MP

Adrian Sanders MP

Mark Williams MP

Roger Williams MP

Stephen Williams MP

Jenny Willott MP

Richard Younger-Ross former MP

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3 Responses to “Why are the Lib Dems betraying the NHS?”

  1. Bob Bury says:

    Clive – good article by Shirley Williams in today’s Times agreeing with you that LibDems should oppose Lansley’s ‘reforms’.


    (I think the link will only work if you give money to Mr Murdoch).

  2. Dave T says:

    The Lib Dems have always represented a ‘hotch potch’ of political beliefs under the liberal banner. The right of the party have been in the ascendancy for some time. I still feel better knowing that the Lib Dems are part of the government, even if they’re having to compromise more than they’d like. They certainly improved the welfare reforms, even if they’ve had little impact on health.

  3. chrissa says:

    maybe, just maybe, the libdems are, at long last, accepting the fact that socialism just does not work …

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