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Royal colleges pull out of Health Bill opposition

The Academy of Medical Royal Colleges has performed an embarrassing U-turn on challenging the government’s Health and Social Care Bill.

It was due to release a statement saying it could not support the reform process on behalf of the 20 colleges it represents, but pulled out when the Royal College of Surgeons refused to support the move.

The academy also held talks with the three major unions – the British Medical Association, Royal College of Nursing and Royal College of Midwives – this week, all of whom are publicly opposing the Bill.

Here’s the statement the AMRC were going to release but didn’t:

“The medical royal colleges and faculties of the academy continue to have significant concerns over a number of aspects of the Health Bill and are disappointed that more progress has not been made in directly addressing the issues we have raised.

“The academy and medical royal colleges are not able to support the Bill as it currently stands.

“Unless the proposals are modified the Academy believes the bill may widen rather than lessen health inequalities and that unnecessary competition will undermine the provision of high quality integrated care to patients.”

Instead, it said that “there had been a useful exchange of information”.

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5 Responses to “Royal colleges pull out of Health Bill opposition”

  1. joshek says:

    if anyone knows which side their bun is buttered – it is them college dons.

  2. Bob Bury says:

    Yes – you expect this sort of thing from the surgeons. They have clearly sniffed the opportunity for more private practice once the NHS hospitals are full of fee-payers. At least you can understand naked self-interest. Not so easy to understand the motivation of the other Colleges, particularly at a time when Whitehall insiders are telling us that it’s only their continuing engagement with the government that is preventing the Bill falling.

    The radiologists have forced an Extraordinary General Meeting of the RCR in a couple of weeks to hear their Officers explain their position, but that will be too late to affect the Lords’ vote on the 8th February. Looks like the profession is being let down by its leaders yet again.

  3. joshek says:

    bob – you mention the surgeons, but the motivation of the others is also pretty clear: they want their gongs … pissing off the pm is NOT the way to get one of these … i am 100% certain that it is that simple.

  4. Bob Bury says:

    Actually, the RCR have continued to publish the initial, stronger, statement of opposition to the Bill that the AoMRC ratted on – so good for them. Something may be achieved by the EGM after all. In the meantime, HMG still seem to be running scared, and are introducing (ineffectual) amendments by the day.

    There may still be time to stop this Bill.

  5. Angus says:

    So we physicians are rescued by Radiologists again! Damn and blast.

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