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Reaction to Freedom to Speak Up Review

Dr Mark Porter, BMA council chair

“The freedom to raise concerns without fear of reprisal is vitally important for patient safety.

“This report rightly highlights the importance of cultural change in our health service, and creating a workplace across the NHS in which raising concerns is normalised and staff are supported to do the right thing for their patients.

“Frontline staff often have the best understanding of what is going on when it comes to quality of patient care, yet those who raise concerns are too often ignored, or suffer professionally or personally.

“If more staff are to speak out they must be able to raise concerns without fear of being harassed of victimised, and there needs to be clear and supportive systems of reporting in place.

“Crucially, we need to put an end to the climate of fear that has built up in the NHS over a number of years, and everyone in the NHS – especially those in managerial and leadership positions – must lead by example to make this a reality.”

Royal College of Physician’s registrar Dr Andrew Goddard

“The RCP welcomes this report, which will hopefully lead to a change in the way doctors and other healthcare professionals can raise concerns about patient care in their organisations.

“Doctors must have a safe haven in which to be able to voice concerns and must also be given the time to support investigation and resolution of those concerns.

“This will be difficult and challenging in an NHS which already feels under extreme pressure, however, this is something we must do.”

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