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NHS Employers reaction to the BMA’s 10 reasons for not re-entering contract negotiations

The BMA “10 reasons for not re-entering negotiations” demonstrate a staggering lack of understanding of what the Doctors and Dentists Review Body (DDRB) recommendations actually are.

NHS Employers and the BMA were invited to try to reach an agreement in response to the DDRB recommendations.

We understand the BMA concerns about the recommendations and how they might be implemented, but working through these together is the best way to get the most suitable outcome for patients and doctors.

The proposed revision of the whole pay system, includes:

– higher rates of basic pay

– a standard 40 hour week and a lower cap of no more than 72 hours work in any 7 consecutive days

– higher rates of pay for night work in return for more hours paid at standard rates

– improved pension benefits

BMA consultant colleagues are still talking to us about reaching an agreement on reformed contracts to better meet the needs of patients while being safe for doctors – that is the way forward for junior doctors as well.

The mid-September deadline is real so far as Government ministers are concerned.

It is disappointing to not at least attempt to reach an agreement.

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