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Letter that sums it up: “Hunt’s ‘pay rise’ offer is nothing of the sort”

This letter first appeared in The Guardian:

Jeremy Hunt has not offered a pay rise on the eve of industrial action by doctors. He has reduced the previously rejected offer of a 15% hike in basic rate, down to 11%.

He has made no assurance of considering, let alone securing, the maintenance of safeguards that prevent unsafe out-of-contract overworking by doctors. This is a key request from the negotiating team of the BMA.

He has packaged 7am to 7pm on Saturday as regular working hours and has the temerity to present this as a concession.

He has added insult to injury by drip feeding his new non-offer to the media instead of contacting the junior doctors’ representatives directly.

I am a consultant vascular surgeon and I have lost faith entirely in his actions, intentions and integrity. More and more colleagues feel compelled to engage in media battles for the safety of our patients and the security of a nationalised health service.

I implore the media to temper further one-sided misrepresentations about his crucial matter that affects the wellbeing of the general public. Please talk to us, and include our clear and unwavering position I within your headlines too.

Unlike Mr Hunt, we are available to you, all day, every day.

Sean Matheiken


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