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Key reaction to the new plan and investment for General Practice

Niall Dickson, Chief Executive of the General Medical Council

“GPs in England are under huge strain at the moment and it is vital that we keep the workload associated with regulation to a minimum.

“This plan commits us, the Care Quality Commission and NHS England to work more closely together to reduce and align the requirements that we place on general practice. It is important that we address any unnecessary overlaps as well as gaps.

“Separately we are carefully evaluating the impact of revalidation. We recently commissioned Sir Keith Pearson to carry out a review bringing together all the evidence to help us shape revalidation in the future.

“We can see that it is beginning to have a positive impact, not least through much higher appraisal rates and huge support from Responsible Officers, who run the system – but of course it is not perfect. This is to be expected – this ambitious system, which is designed to help doctors reflect on and improve their practice only started just over three years ago.”

Professor Steve Field, Chief Inspector of General Practice at the Care Quality Commission

“The Forward View sets an inspiring vision for the future of general practice, which quite rightly, acknowledges the irreplaceable role that GPs have within the NHS.

“We know that GPs are under increasing pressure with limited resources, increasing patient demand and a rapidly evolving health and care landscape and so, I am pleased this report sets out the increased support and further investment that they need to do their jobs well and to make sure their patients get the care they deserve.

“We look forward to playing our part in delivering the Forward View as we continue our plans to build on the regulatory model we introduced for general practices over eighteen months ago.

“We have always been clear that regulation across all sectors must continue to be independent, proportionate and driven by patients’ best interests. Our plans do not represent ‘light touch’ regulation or ‘self-assessment’ but include a move towards a more risk-based approach to regulation and developing a shared view of quality with general practices, as we head towards having inspected every single one of them in the country at least once.

“Our inspections are allowing us to gain a deep understanding of the quality and safety of general practice that we have never had before in this country and they are leading to real improvements in care. We will continue to encourage this improvement and share examples of outstanding care that we find across England. It is only right that we evolve our model in response to we have learnt and enabled, while improving our effectiveness and adapting to the changing care environment.

“In doing so – and together with NHS England and the General Medical Council – we hope that our plans will reduce any duplication of efforts brought on by our collective regulation and make the system more efficient.

“I share a common goal with the profession, which is to make sure patients get safe, high-quality and compassionate care. I hope that the General Practice Forward View, together with CQC’s own plans for regulation, will make this a reality.”

Johnny Marshall, Policy Director of the NHS Confederation

“The roadmap for general practice outlining increased investment and support is an important step for the sustainability of the entire health and care system. Closer working between primary and community care in partnership with the rest of the health and care system holds the key to addressing the needs of the population and relieving pressures most intensely felt by our acute trust members.

“We have previously highlighted the need to recognise the wider primary care workforce so we are pleased to see the commitment to develop a breadth of existing and new roles that meet the needs of the practices’ registered population.

“While the general practice roadmap is an important step forward for general practice, to make the NHS truly sustainable we need to build on that through better alignment and partnership working in the wider primary care system and across health and care to improve the care that we deliver to patients.”

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