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If it looks, walks and sounds like a duck…

Yes, I know, ‘funny doctor names’ is a well-worn path but it is a Wednesday morning.

We’ve all heard of Dr Payne, the anaesthetist, in his many different guises; my wife – a consultant endocrinologist – once worked for a geriatrician called Dr De’ath (pronounced Dee-ath) in Australia; and, I myself, was recently treated by a Dr Shipman in sunny Norfolk (she was very nice – no scary beard; after she left the room, I did turn to the nurse and say “Would you have changed your name?” and nursey said “Most definitely”).

All the same, I like this new twist. Some bright spark noticed it in Germany. Enjoy.


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One Response to “If it looks, walks and sounds like a duck…”

  1. ffolliet says:

    As a 13 year old I had my fractured tibia manipulated by the Orthopaedic surgeon Mr Cartilage

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