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Hospitals are operating without enough staff

The CQC has concerns with a rising number of hospitals in England. Here is the Labour Party response:

“This provides indisputable proof that the NHS is heading seriously downhill on this government’s watch. Hospitals across England are operating way beyond safe bed occupancy levels and without enough staff.

“It is simply not good enough for the government to blame the NHS, as they always trying to do. Hospitals are having to pick up the pieces from their botched policies. Severe strains on general practice, mental health and social care are piling pressure on hospitals. There is a limit to what hospitals can safely do and these reports show that many have now reached and even gone beyond it.

“What we are now seeing are the consequences of David Cameron’s disastrous decision to destabilise the NHS with an unwanted and unnecessary re-organisation. Hospitals are struggling, NHS waiting lists are at a six-year high and it has got harder for millions to get a GP appointment.

“But, as the NHS in England goes downhill, ministers have spent the last year pointing the finger at the NHS in Wales. Self-serving spin like that is of no use to patients. People will rightly ask: why wasn’t their attention focused where it should have been – on services in England?

“This explains why people have reached the conclusion the NHS is simply not safe in David Cameron’s hands. He must cut the spin and bring forward a credible plan to ensure hospitals are safe and properly staffed.”

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