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Government must tackle ‘shocking rate’ of burnout among doctors, says BMA

new study reveals almost a third of doctors could be suffering burnout or stress.

These findings are alarming and strongly reinforce precisely what the BMA has been saying for a long time.

Years of systemic underfunding and serious workforce shortages mean NHS doctors are working longer hours in highly pressured, understaffed environments, and their wellbeing is suffering as a result.

Indeed, a 2019 BMA study found that eight in 10 doctors were at substantial risk of burnout, while the same study found more than a quarter (27%) had previously been diagnosed with a mental health condition.

This is directly impacting on patient care and is why, last year, the BMA published its Mental Wellbeing Charter, calling on NHS trusts to commit to providing a supportive culture and a healthy working environment for doctors.

Above all else though, the Government must tackle the root causes of this shocking rate of burnout in the medical profession.

This requires urgently addressing the significant lack of resources, staff and beds in our NHS, so that doctors have the time and wellbeing to deliver high-quality, safe patient care.

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