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“Government must introduce a comprehensive and bold childhood obesity strategy”

Recent research by consumer watchdog Which? has called on retailers to do more to tackle obesity.

Analysing data on the number of promotions across major supermarkets earlier this year, it finds that more than half were marketing unhealthy foods.

Responding to the findings, Professor Parveen Kumar, BMA board of science chair, said:

“This research shows that retailers could and should be doing far more to help tackle the obesity crisis facing the UK.

“Poor diet is responsible for up to 70,000 deaths a year, and has a greater impact on the NHS budget than alcohol consumption, smoking or physical inactivity.

“With a third of children leaving primary school overweight or obese, we must, as a society, share the responsibility to really turn things around and protect the next generation.

“The government must introduce a comprehensive and bold childhood obesity strategy, which introduce ambitious targets, backed by regulation, for food companies to reduce added sugar, saturated fat and salt from our food.

“It must include restrictions on junk food marketing, including promotions, and prohibit retailers from displaying unhealthy food and drink at checkouts and in queuing areas.”

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