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More generalist care needed in the NHS to tackle the prevalence of multimorbidity

A new report by the Academy of Medical Sciences highlights the growing prevalence of people living with multiple serious illnesses.

It highlights the growing scale of the issue – something that GPs have for years been calling on the government to address given the increasing demand arising from patients with more complex needs.

While this highlights the need to look at how we can prevent and treat certain diseases, we must go beyond the disease-specific approach and instead look at how the patient can be treated as a whole.

Patients with multi-morbidity have a high treatment burden in relation to understanding and self-managing their conditions, attending multiple outpatient appointments and managing complex drug regimes.

The government must address the growing level of demand by providing more support for generalist care and deliver the investment required.

This will allow for the necessary longer consultations and increased capacity to deal with the many problems patients with multimorbidity face.

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