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Alarming to see such poor quality of care on TV

A recent documentary by Panorama – Elderly Care: Condition Critical? – investigated death rates and mistreatment in Britain’s care system.

Here’s a response by Prof Paul Knight, president of the British Geriatrics Society:

A growing proportion of a frail, older person’s healthcare is provided in a community setting. This is in line with a repeated emphasis being placed on the need to care for people in the community rather than in hospitals, when this is clinically appropriate. So it is most concerning to see such poor quality care as exposed by Panorama.

If community services are to relieve pressures on hospitals, indeed to the extent that they may offer a viable alternative to hospital admission, they must be carefully monitored and supported so they are able to provide the high quality care we would all wish for.

Proactive multidisciplinary community care teams can achieve a great deal when working in partnership with care home staff and local hospitals. An integrated approach is vital and geriatricians can provide leadership and act as an important bridge between community care services and hospitals.

We are only too conscious of the challenges of managing complex older people in the community and on 20 November we are holding an educational event for health professionals in primary and secondary care as well as care home managers. The day will include sessions on commissioning services for care homes, adult protection and how to improve anticipatory care planning and end of life care for care home residents. All essential to ensuring the provision of dignified care.

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One Response to “Alarming to see such poor quality of care on TV”

  1. cd says:

    at the core of the appalling level of care is the destruction of nursing. since nurses are degree holders who have been recruited specifically with the promise of nursing being not about basic patient care but techy-management, things are going downhill. i have stopped counting the times i have overheard young nurses say to each other when changing soiled linen of a patient`s bed, quote:”i have a degree and should not be doing this” end quote. to actually nurse patients is seen by this generation of nurses as a necessary evil, to be dealt with on the career path as briefly as possible. good nursing care needs enrolled nurses.

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