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Get beyond ‘learned helplessness’ and make the changes required in your life

I was speaking on the phone to a surgeon I used to work with yesterday.

She has a reputation as a bit of a ball-breaker, it has to be said.

I’ve seen many (male) consultants make a rapid change of direction at her approach. Personally I like her. She has character. She’s cool. And she makes stuff happen.

That’s probably why people avoid her…

Anyway, ballsy (ovaries-ey?) as she is, she’s keen to market and promote her private practice. She’s recognised that things have been sliding in terms of her private income and is keen to reverse the trend.

So when I talked to her about promoting her practice through advertising on Facebook she readily agreed to give it a go. In fact, I was so caught by surprise that I didn’t have to spend ages persuading her to do so that I found myself tailing off mid monologue and saying “Oh. Ah. Good! Let’s do that then!”

Because so many people profess to wanting to grow their private practices yet do nothing proactive to make it happen.

So it all remains in the land of wish and hope rather than a goal they are proactively working towards with a concrete strategy.

In fact this is probably true of all of us, in one aspect of our lives or another.

We say we want something yet we make no effort to proactively achieve our stated goal. Do nothing to move to where we want to be.

Put up with a miserable marriage instead of parting company – or doing something to improve it.

Stay in a toxic and stressful work environment rather than dealing with the poisonous individuals – or finding another job.

In short accepting our circumstances rather than making a change for the better.

There’s a phrase for this of course: “Learned helplessness”.

Another is simply “Fear”. Of what I don’t know. Change? Looking foolish? I guess it depends upon the individual and the circumstance.

As I write this there are 83 days, 6 hours and 33 minutes until 2017.

A lot can happen in that time. I don’t know about you, but personally I intend to make sure it does.

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