Dev Lall

An udderly brilliant Christmas tree on the ward

I couldn’t let Christmas come and go without sharing the news that healthcare innovation is alive and well in Scotland.

Staff on my regular orthopaedic ward were taking no chances with their Christmas tree this year.

A different kind of Xmas tree

A different kind of Xmas tree

Although both infection control and health and safety stated that Christmas decorations are not banned on the wards (they are merely another risk of which an assessment should be made!) it was decided to make a bespoke tree that would please all and offend no-one (apart from a few cows in the field outside the hospital).

I was disappointed the ’tree’ was not crowned with a grey cardboard urine bottle or sick bowl but I guess the nurses were too busy for such details.

Or the budget for consumables was overspent…again.

Happy Christmas.

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