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Why is our media a propoganda tool for terrorism?

Infuriated by the cheap propaganda for the ISIS terrorists on the BBC News, I switched the television off wondering where they get the idea for this pointless propaganda. I walked into the kitchen for a cup of tea and  break from television and there was my dear wife demonstrating what precisely had inspired the producer and editor.

Standing at the cooker was my wife trying to light the burner: I heard the rushing gas, the spark, the burner lighting up followed shortly by the sound of the sizzling oil. My wife followed up with the chunks of meat into the pan. Then followed the spices, a variety  to end up with a tasty sumptuous dish.

I can’t help but see a parallel with modern journalism. Stories being edited to burn in the fire of publicity, fuelled by the craving to gain journalistic recognition, embellished with more and more detail of atrocity, kept sizzling all the while and topped up with the spicing provided by the experts and pundits analysing and dissecting the stories.

Is it for entertainment or enlightenment?

It is the duty of any news media to present news: precisely what we pay the license fee for. But I question the need for the type of detailed analysis we’re receiving. It appeared to me that the ‘experts’ were straying  into dangerous territory.

In the case of Jordanian pilot held hostage they were analysing a variety of scenarios that the terrorists might have enacted. These ranged from his execution several days earlier, cynically negotiating hostage exchanges to the burning alive as it happened. How does this knowledge help me?

I knew the level of brutality they would descend to. Maybe I have very limited insight into the IQ of the terrorists’ hierarchy but it seems reasonable to believe the pundits that the BBC dredges up are offering them further novel and horrific ideas.

We are repeatedly warned that terrorists manipulate the media. Really? Have we left the BBC in the hands of naive news editors capable of being twisted and turned by terrorists? This is a myth. A facade for the behaviour of our news editors vying with other news media to gain recognition.

Is it not time to ask ourselves ‘to what purpose?’ The answer strangely was provided by the analyst in the news programme. “Just what you and I are doing now: we’re providing the propaganda.” Despite this the analysis continued. None are more blind than those who refuse to see. There is no one in the law abiding world unaware of the diabolical nature of these individuals.

Detailed presentation of their activities serves to attract potential recruits. It serves to create a climate of fear and disruption in peace loving civilians, the avowed aim of the terrorists. The news media increase several fold the target audience which otherwise the terrorists do not have the faintest means or the wherewith all of influencing. More accurately stated the media is provoked rather than manipulated into action.

Terrorism is totally ineffective if the threats posed are not communicated to the target audience. The media provides this vital requisite, of which they must be aware. The terrorists crave to be roasted in the fire of publicity. The media obliges. The media and the politicians and regulatory authorities must wake up to this. It has nothing to do with freedom of the media.

When spread of terrorist ideologies threatens national security, civil liberties in my opinion should take second place. We are almost reaching the point where good news is no news. Violence of some form or other makes up most of the news.

It is worth remembering that the majority of these groups practise the Islamic faith. Individuals consumed by ideologies, driven by religious belief are far more committed to their cause and hence far more dangerous. They do believe in conquering the world. Deep seated religious fervour is a fertile ground to sow seeds of their cause: the aim of every terrorist organisation.

We have been far too politically correct not to dwell on the religious background of the terrorists. (Rotherham Council was another example of where political correctness in race and religion went completely wrong).

Terrorist activity may have no backing in the Koran, but they declare themselves acting in the cause of Islam. Could the news media concentrate on exposing the sources of these ideologies: far more profitable than discussing intricate tactics to benefit the terrorists. It was recently reported that the individuals responsible have been identified.

Wouldn’t the elimination of these sources not be far more effective than exposing all the dangers they pose after they’ve launched all their hideous activities?

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