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Anyone want a ‘Vote Labour or Else’ T-shirt?

What a very long time a week is in politics – not only has our Dave finally managed to wrestle the keys to Number 10 from Gordon, but he’s cobbled together an alliance with his erstwhile rival whom only last week he was describing as a “joke”.

This reminds me of the good advice I once heard a senior colleague give to a fellow-consultant who was fond of dishing out negative feedback to trainees: “Don’t shit on the trainees because they’ll be your colleagues before you know it….”

Actually, I suspect that Dave and Nick are good mates away from the cameras – apart from the fact that they look as similar as two peas in a pod, they’re the same age, both went to ‘top’ public schools, and share an identical taste in suits and shiny black shoes. Luckily for the rest of us ordinary folk, if they ever fall out over abolishing inheritance tax they can easily patch things up with a spot of reminiscing about jolly midnight feasts in the prep school dorm and swatting up for double latin.

The papers, most of which were nauseating in their fawning support for the Tories, have been busy lecturing us on how we messed up the election by producing a hung parliament. Apparently it’s all our fault because we couldn’t get our collective act together to deliver a Tory landslide – honestly, what a hopeless bunch we are! We couldn’t even do what the Daily Mail told us!

Of course, our electoral system delivered this result – a combination of people voting tactically, and a situation where, somehow, gaining 24% of the vote gets you 10% of the seats, while 29% of the votes earns 40% of the seats. Friends in Germany are mystified by our system and the media hysteria generated by suggestions of any form of proportional representation. Angela Merkel’s Christian Democrats have governed for years with a coalition, and I wouldn’t call the German economy a basket case.

I think it’s time for a rethink, if only the Deputy Prime Minister (is that really a proper job??) can persuade his new boss. We certainly live in interesting times.

So, some questions for Andrew Lansley: does anyone know anything about him? More to the point, does Andrew Lansley know anything about the NHS? Has he in fact ever used it? What is he going to do and will we notice a difference? It’s interesting that we’ve not had a functioning Department of Health for over a month and yet somehow we’ve all managed to struggle on regardless.

In the meantime, my main headache is what to do with my ‘Vote Labour or Else’ T-Shirt, which was obviously a poor investment, at least in the short term. Perhaps if I hang it to it long enough, though, it may become a valuable object of historical interest…

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One Response to “Anyone want a ‘Vote Labour or Else’ T-shirt?”

  1. SonoView says:

    I, with a few others from the HCSA, met AL last year. He is a bright guy, and seems to know his brief very well. I have modest hopes – but we shall see!!!!

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