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GMC outlines feedback recommendations

Hospital doctors will be expected to secure feedback from 45 consecutive patients and 20 colleagues as part of the 360-degree feedback required for the GMC’s revalidation.

Revalidation, which is due to be introduced from late 2012, demands that doctors must provide positive multi-source feedback as part of the five-yearly process to prove their fitness-to-practise.

To support this, the GMC has developed questionnaires for patients and colleagues that doctors and their employers can use for guidance.

The questionnaires ask colleagues to rate doctors on their clinical skills, record-keeping and whether they are honest and trustworthy, and patients whether they think their doctor is polite and makes them feel at ease.

The paper-based patient questionnaire, which should be administered by reception staff rather than the doctor, will take patients about five minutes to complete. The online colleague questionnaire should ideally be administered to ten medical and ten non-medical colleagues.

When selecting medical colleagues, the GMC suggests the doctor choose at least one colleague from their specialty; at least one colleague to whom the revalidating doctor regularly refers patients; at least one colleague with whom the doctor regularly discusses patients or who refers patients to them; and the doctor’s line manager, if they have one.

For surgical specialists, it recommends at least one anaesthetist with whom the surgeon frequently works and, for anaesthetists, at least one surgical specialist with whom they frequently work.

Hospital-based doctors should also try to include the ward manager and a nurse (or nurses) from the ward they most frequently work in; a staff nurse from the 0utpatients department; and, for clinicians undertaking procedures, at least one theatre nurse with whom they frequently work.

Niall Dickson, chief executive of the GMC, said: “The questionnaires are free for employers and doctors to use. They’ve been extensively tested, and if administered properly, should enable doctors to understand how their practice is viewed by those they treat and those they work with.

“We regard this as the start of a process – medical practice relies on trust between doctors and their patients, and between healthcare professionals – their views matter and I am sure that over time more ways will be found to gather them.”

The questionnaires, based on the GMC’s core guidance Good Medical Practice, have been subject to in depth research over several years and tested with 1,450 doctors, 44,000 patients and 21,000 colleagues in a project led by Professor John Campbell at Peninsula College of Medicine and Dentistry.

Doctors and employers who choose to use another feedback tool as part of the process of revalidation must ensure that it meets criteria published by the GMC.

Read more on the GMC guidance.

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6 Responses to “GMC outlines feedback recommendations”

  1. Bob Bury says:

    I was going to start calculating the implications for a medium sized DGH of each doctor having to find 20 colleagues with sufficient knowledge of his or her working practice, and then of course he would expect to be asked to fill in their feedback forms as well. But I can’t be arsed.

    On a purely selfish note, though. Which 45 patients will fill in my questionnaires, as a radiologist specialising in nuclear medicine, who spends all his time reporting scans at a workstation, and seldom comes into contact with a real patient? And what about the histopathologists and chemical pathologists?

  2. joshek says:

    LMAO – it is obvious that all this has to be done during WORKING HOURS … it will be interesting to see who is going to take care of patients in case enough doctors cave in and comply with this idiotic hoop jumping. doctors should simple say en masse “NO” and refuse. Germany, france and switzerland provide BETTER medical thanm the nhs and there is no such thing as “revalidation”.

  3. Sodthisforalark says:

    What a load of crap! How will histopathologists meet their 45 patient quota? Niall Dickson should be taken outside and …

  4. Brambo says:

    Amen to all the above. Has anyone in Bean Counter Central at the DoH worked out how much this pointless and absolutely un-evidenced paper-chase is costing both in terms of hard cash but also, and most importantly, clinical time that could be far better used in actually seeing patients? But we will all have to comply meekly because we don’t have anything like a functional union to protect us from these blatant Neoliberal assaults upon our profession..

  5. lol says:

    so………after I get those consequetive 25 patient to praise me for being the most polite doctor in the world I can turn into the rudest one ever(and perhaps a bit more….just to get the steam out for the extra hassle endured to treat the previous 25)………………

  6. joshek says:

    i actually think of telling them to just shove it, leave the gmc register on my own accord and then exercise my legal right to re-register, guaranteed by EU legislation. like all EU graduates, i have the right to practice in the uk and so far, i have seen nothing that would touch that right. the gmc can come up with whatever they want – if it infringes EU law it is nil and void. to hell with them.

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